Inspiring, practical, and fun!
Yes, I’m talking about meetings.

Great meetings are not only possible, they’re business-as-usual in great organizations. These successful teams enjoy productive meetings that engage everyone, keep work flowing, and bring regular bursts of joy into the workday.

Wouldn’t you like that to be true for the meetings in your organization? In her popular talks, Elise Keith gives audiences insights into the meeting practices of world class organizations and teaches simple strategies for bringing these practices to their own meetings.

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Selected Speaking Topics

Virtual Team Meetings That Drive Productivity and Prevent Burn Out 

Best for leaders and teams looking to take control of runaway virtual meetings and prevent employee burnout

Teams have adopted virtual meetings and remote work faster than anyone ever believed possible.

The result? Some are seizing this opportunity to become more transparent, more engaged, and more productive than ever before. The rest now run awful online meetings all day long, and employees are getting burned out. In this talk, leaders will learn:

  • Simple techniques for protecting your energy in virtual meetings
  • The keys to engaging teams online (and what to avoid)
  • How teams across the globe work to balance information overload with the need for transparency
  • The many beautiful ways teams have learned to have fun and take care of each other when working remotely

“That was the best virtual meeting experience I had so far since Covid-19 started. The amount of knowledge shared in a short time was impressive.”

Paul Nunesdea, International Association of Facilitators Chair of Digital Collaboration

The 5 Secrets High-Performing Teams Know About Meetings

Best for leaders and teams looking to improve their meeting culture
Learn 5 ways high-performing teams approach meetings to ensure these vital conversations engage employees and drive results. Audiences reflect on their own meetings and hear inspiring stories about practices in successful organizations that they can bring back to their teams.

“This was an EXCELLENT session! I’m already getting thank you email from attendees for the great presentation and insights.

Elise did an incredible job delivering value for everyone who joined. “

Jennifer Wicks, Executive Producer, Learning & Development, The California State University Office of the Chancellor

Meet by Design:
Using Science to Run Awesome Meetings

Best for managers, team members, and development specialists
There’s no shortage of advice about meetings out there, but what really matters? In this interactive talk, audiences learn what science reveals about meetings, the simple systems teams use to keep meetings productive, and inspiring stories showing how they can make their meetings a source of meaning and pride.

This presentation was perfect for our audience! Just excellent, thank you very much. Many managers will do well to hear your message. Again, thanks for a great informative and lively presentation.

Richard Stallkamp, IEEE-SCV-TEMS Board Member

Additional Topics

  • Meeting with Purpose: How Purpose Driven Teams Live Their Values in Meetings
  • 5 Steps to Increasing Engagement in Meetings
  • Effective Decision Making in Inclusive Organizations
  • The ROI of Effective Meetings

“We loved having Elise Keith on the Becoming Your Best Podcast show. The listeners for this show are business and organizational leaders, game-changers, and extraordinary individuals making a difference in the world.

Elise was a FABULOUS guest. Her enthusiasm and message were exceptional. Elise poked, stimulated, and pushed our thinking about how we can have more effective, meaningful, and purposeful meetings. She invited each one to move the “bar” up on why looking at meetings as a business operating model is essential for extraordinary success and outcomes. It was a delight having Elise on our show.”

Steven R. Shallenberger, Founder and President, Becoming Your Best Global Leadership

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